Torque Tester | Atlas Copco STanalyzer

In assembly operations worldwide there is an increasing focus on quality. Using sophisticated tools to tighten bolts is simply not enough. It’s also important to monitor tool performance, and to test joints after they have been tightened. This is where the Atlas Copco STanalyser comes in. The portable STanalyser can be used to check tool performance, repeatability and accuracy for all types of power tools and torque wrenches. Test your tools in the tool crib following service and continuously on the line to monitor performance or test your joint by checking the residual torque using our unique residual torque check function.

  • Modularity
  • Connectivity
  • Faster Set Up Time
  • Unique residual torque detection strategy
  • Operator feedback
  • Upgradable by using different RBUs
  • Rapid Backup Unit functionality
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