Torque Tester | MTM-Series

Intellect Multiple Transducer Module

The AWS-MTM Series of torque testers & torque meters are designed to provide an economical way to measure and calibrate torque tools.

Historically, transducer shafts had to be purchased individually and connected to a display via a switch box or rats nest of cables. With the MTM series, up to 6 transducer shafts can be connected to one display with only one cable.*

The small footprint also allows for a clean, well-organized work space. This helps eliminate the endless searching for cables, adaptors, and other accessories that may be needed.

Features such as independent CW and CCW calibration, multi-point linearization, metrology grade transducer shafts, and overload protection to 200% of full scale are standard. All of the above translate to a better product for you at an unbeatable price.

* MTM2DP coupled with an MTM-4.

Product Features
  • MTM-4 Series with 4 built-in torsion shafts
  • MTM4DP Series with built-in display (see picture)
  • All MTM modules are "Intellect" compatible, which means that they are plug-and-play compatible with all AWS series Intellect displays, including AWS-3000 w/Mul., AWS-5000, AWS-4050, AWS-4000, AWS-7000, and AWS-9000
  • User-selectable ranges: just tell us what you need
  • Built-in switch for easy transducer selection
  • LED indicator shows active transducer
  • Selected transducer capacity is displayed on the torque readout
  • Accuracy of ± 0.5% of indicated, top 90% of full scale standard
  • Accuracy of ± 0.25% of indicated, top 90% of full scale optional
  • Extended calibration range of 5 - 100% of full scale optional
  • Unique replaceable shaft design. If one shaft is damaged, replace that one shaft, not the entire unit. This saves on repair cost and down time

Transducer Ranges 

ModelRangeDrive SizeRun-Down Fixture
ITIO-101 - 10 ozf-in1/4"Included
ITIO-505 - 50 ozf-in1/4"Included
ITIO-10010 - 100 ozf-in1/4"Included
ITI-101 - 10 lbf-in1/4"Included
ITI-252.5 - 25 lbf-in1/4"Included
ITI-505 - 50 lbf-in1/4"Included
ITI-10010 - 100 lbf-in1/4"Included
ITI-25025 - 250 lbf-in3/8"Included
ITI-50050 - 500 lbf-in3/8"Included
ITF-10010 - 100 lbf-ft1/2"Optional
ITF-15015 - 150 lbf-ft1/2"Optional
ITF-25025 - 250 lbf-ft1/2"Optional
ITF-75075 - 750 lbf-ft3/4"Optional
ITF-1000*100 - 1000 lbf-ft1"Optional
ITF-2000*200 - 2000 lbf-ft1"Optional
ITF-3000*300 - 3000 lbf-ft1 1/2"Optional
ITF-5000*500 - 5000 lbf-ft1 1/2"Optional

*Note: Ranges over 750 ft-lbs are supplied as cable connected external sensors.

Unit includes:
Battery Charger
Rundown Adaptor (Joint Simulator)
Operating Manual
Certificate of Calibration

**Customized transducer configurations available. Please contact our sales staff for more information!

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