Torque Tester | Skidmore-Wilhelm T Series Torque Tester

The Highest Standard yet for tool testing with ease, accuracy and consistency

Now measure impact output faster, easier and more accurately than ever. The advanced electronics of S-W Digital torques testers product direct digital torque readings in foot-pounds (ft lbs) or Newton Meters (N•M). Measurements are consistent, repeatable and require less time than traditional testinge devices, yet with less margin for operator error.

User benefits include time savings, dependability, and increased product quality. Regular tool checks with S-W Digital Torque Tester enable you to identify whether job assembly problems are due to tools or factors such as material variability.

Thw S-W system also provides a standard and consistent control factor for tool service and repair, which can be maintained across multiple work stations or assembly points.

  • Unique "tunied-beam" design
  • State-of-the-art electronics with advanced impulse signal filtering
  • direct, immediate torque readouts
  • High accuracy: ± 0.5% or 1 count
  • Complete freedom from the joint material/friction variables of standard nut-bolt tightening tests
  • Simple operation
  • Factory calibration, easily recalibrated
  • Rugged construction
  • Switchable 110/220 VAC, 60 Hz power
  • Impact readout 300 - 1800 impacts per minute
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