Torque Tester | Tohnichi ST3 Series SpinTork Rotary Peak Torque Meters

The new ST3-G / ST3-BT SpinTork, Rotary Peak Torque Meters by Tohnichi. Ideally used for checking the torque output of nutrunners, the ST3-G SpinTork Meters are a genuine piece of equipment that you need in your shop.


  • Compact Handheld Battery Operated Cordless Torque & Angle Sensor
  • Ideal for Checking Nutrunner Torque Output or Confirming Torque Wrench Settings and Applied Torque Right on the Fastener
  • New Version 3: Features added ability to confirm torque plus angle measuring
  • Now ST3-G Features ability to change units of measure via keypad selection.
  • New ST3-G-BT: Bluetooth Version allows for Continuous Data Output for Graphing Torque at each Angle.
  • New Model ST15N3-G-6.35 features bit adapter for use with screwdrivers.
  • Place Unit Directly Between Tool and Fastener
  • 999 Data Memory
  • USB Port
  • CW & CCW Functions
  • Torque Accuracy +/1% + 1 Digit ; Angle Accuracy: +/-2degrees +1Digit
  • 10 Hours Battery Life on 2 Hour Charge: Bluetooth Version: 8 Hour Battery Life

Note :The ST3-G / ST3-BT SpinTork, Rotary Peak Torque Meters is not for use with impulse or impact wrenches

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