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Please choose from the following technical resources for torque tool maintenance. For additional questions, please call us at (800) 696-7614

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Changing the clutch spring in an Ingersoll-Rand
ES50T Electric Screwdriver
Changing the brushes on an Ingersoll-Rand
 ES60P Electric Screwdriver
Technical Resource FAQs
These FAQs are designed to provide guidance for common torque questions.
What is torque?
Learn more here about the definition of torque.
Screw torque guide
This page shows information on torque specifications for screws.
Common torque abbreviations
This information provides the different conversion systems that technicians use, worldwide.
Torque Tester FAQs
Find common questions answered on our torque tester resource page.
Types of joints
Find information here on different types of joints for your fastening application.
Torque conversion guide
Click here to get an easy-to-use chart to convert torque measurements to the units you need.

Torque Screwdriver Selection Guide
Choose from manual, electric, air/pneumatic, & cordless torque screwdrivers.
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