Company Information

About Flexible Assembly Systems

Flexible Assembly Systems is an international distributor and supplier of assembly tools, industrial tools, and automation components. For over 10 years, Flexible Assembly Systems has serviced in the distribution of assembly tools, industrial supplies, and automation components to various industries; such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive manufacturing, Solar & Wind Energy, Biomedical and Packaging solutions.

Our Mission Statement

At Flexible Assembly Systems, we are committed to:

  • Servicing our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations
  • Providing our customers with the most advanced, durable tools on the market
  • Extending our detailed product information to our customers:
    • Technical Specifications
    • Technical Documentation, such as:
      • Product Catalogs
      • Product Brochures
      • Instruction Manuals
      • Safety Information
      • Maintenance Information
      • Warranty Information
      • CAD Drawings
    • Hi-Res Images
    • Accessories
    • Spare Parts
  • Supplying our customers with only new products; nothing is refurbished or used.