Ingersoll Rand QE4 DC Electric Nutrunner

FAS Ingersoll Rand QE4 DC Electric Nutrunner

The QE4 Angle wrenches are durable and high-speed. With a torque range of 0.3 Nm to 400 Nm and up to 1,200 RPM, this series has the accuracy and durability to meet any fastening requirements you have.

The QE4 Inline series is durable and high-speed with a special ergonomic grip for user comfort. Perfect for any tightening job.

Durable and high-speed, the QE4 Pistol is a handheld tool that will satisfy all your tightening requirements. With an ergonomic grip and built for the best user experience, you’ll be able to blow through any project with ease.

  • Models available can cover up to 240.7 in lbs
  • Versatile
  • ESD-Safe & RoHS compliant