Payment and Tax

Payments can be made by Credit Card via our online shopping cart service, telephone order, email, or fax. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and most Debit Cards. There is no additional charge for Credit Card payments.

  • Online Payments can be made from the website:
  • Telephone Credit Card Payments can be made by calling Toll Free (800) 696-7614

Sales Tax

Shipped Within California
Sales tax will be applied to all transactions that are delivered within the State of California. The Sales Tax rate will be determined by the County and Tax District in which the shipment terminates
Shipped Outside of California
No Sales Tax is applied to purchases shipped outside the State of California. It is the responsibility of the buyer to report the sales tax to their appropriate state sales tax office.
Tax Exempt Wholesale and Resale Accounts
Sales Tax will not apply on items that are shipped within the State of California and that are intended for resale. Buyer must provide adequate proof of intent to resell purchased items. In order to qualify for a tax exempt resale account, the buyer must provide to Flexible Assembly Systems with the following information.
A copy of a valid California Resellers Permit
A completed and signed California Resale Affidavit