Cordless Pulse Tool

FAS Cordless Pulse Tool

Uryu Direct Battery Pulse (UDBP) design connects the pulse unit directly to the motor - no reduction gearing - resulting in a tool with less noise and vibration

Brushless Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor provides longer motor life and more efficiency allowing more fastening cycles per battery charge

Auto Relief Technology provides additional control to the application of torque during the pulsing events

  • Models available can cover up to 47 Nm
  • Brushless Motor
  • Auto Relief Technology

  • Models available can cover up to 150Nm
  • DuraPulse technology with new sealing and air separator
  • Cooling system to prevent the tool from over-heating

Stay calm when the boss demands you increase production and improve operator safety without sacrificing quality. Our mechanical pulse tool wrenches deliver repeatable accuracy with miniscule reaction at any torque level.

  • Models available can cover up to 5752 in lbs
  • No torque reaction
  • Auto shut-off prevents over torques

AccuPulse® Series equips quality-conscious plants with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools ever made. AccuPulse tools are ergonomically designed with worker safety top of mind. Compact and balanced with virtually no torque reaction to create a healthier, more productive work environment. A modern cordless design allows total freedom of movement for greater production efficiency.

  • Models available can cover up to 1106 in lbs
  • Innovative twin-hammer design provides high torque minimizing vibration
  • Advanced programmable features for higher worker productivity and plant automation