Pneumatic Pulse Tool

FAS Pneumatic Pulse Tool

UAT features patented Auto Relief Technology providing additional control to the application of torque during the pulsing events

Auto Relief eliminates initial spike of torque during a cycle. Highly effective on hard joint applications

Auto Relief ramps up pressure within the pulse unit resulting in more pulses in less time providing in a more efficient and even torque event

  • Models available can cover up to 400 Nm
  • 30% improvement in fastening accuracy and time
  • Auto Relief Technology

Ingersoll Rand Non-Shutoff Pulse Tools are recommended for jobs where speed and ergonomics are important. These tools offer a lube-free, dual chamber air motor, along with self-lubricating blades.

  • Models available can cover up to 350 Nm
  • Pistol, Inline and Angle models available
  • Enhanced Power-to-Weight Ratio

The Shutoff Pulse Tools are compact, with a lightweight design that makes them easy and comfortable to use all day long. These tools also come with an auto-shutoff feature that stops airflow to the tool when the cycle is complete, which limits air consumption and tool wear and deters early throttle release.

  • Models available can cover up to 210 Nm
  • High-speed, compact, lightweight design
  • Easy torque adjustment for quick setup

Ingersoll Rand combines the power, speed and ergonomics of the pulse tool with the sophistication of a torque transducer and microprocessor to create a more powerful, convenient and accurate fastening system. The closed-loop system offers all the advantages of a pulse tool, while providing advanced torque control and data output typically found in a DC fastening system. The new angle encoded series includes the ability to monitor the fastening angle during the tightening process.

  • Models available can cover up to 220 Nm
  • Angle monitoring available
  • Simple programming for fast and easy set-up.

Atlas Copco’s non shut-off tool ErgoPulse XS is the ideal choice when the operator needs to control the process. The tool is optimized to provide high torque, fast and accurate tightenings as well as an extremely long service life. Its twin chamber motor is designed to give high torque at low speed, which provides the best characteristics for fast, reliable and accurate tightening.

  • Models available can cover up to 400 Nm
  • Reliable and fast
  • Short Cycle Times

Fast, operator friendly and with unprecedented uptime

The ErgoPulse PTI shut-off tool is the ideal choice if you are looking for a faster production line and high operator comfort. Reliable and a powerful shut-off pulse that automatically shuts off the air supply when the pre-set torque is reached. It has a dramatically increased service interval thanks to innovative solutions, keeping the tool on the line instead of the tool crib. All PTI models can be used as lubricant free, just like other ErgoPulse tools and can be adjusted between Trim and AutoTrim modes with just a quick turn of a screw. ErgoPulse PTI also comes in a range of low pressure tools (-L in the model name).

  • Models available can cover up to 150 Nm
  • DuraPulse technology with new sealing and air separator
  • TorqueBoost technology for faster torque built-up

The ErgoPulse PTX shut-off tool is the ideal choice if your operators need to speed up production with fast rundowns and short tightening cycles. It is a reliable and powerful shut-off pulse tool that automatically shuts off the air supply when the pre-set torque has reached. Suitable for continuous heavy production, the PTX series has some air on top HRF models, making it possible to feed the air from above to the tool. All PTX models can also be used as lubrication free, just like other ErgoPulse tools and is available in StandardTrim and AutoTrim version.

  • Models available can cover up to 450 Nm
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • No springs to wear out