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A tool balancer can make a positive difference to employee morale and safety all the while increasing the lifespan of expensive tools. Tool balancers allow frequently used tools to stay within easy reach of the operator while reducing damage to how they are stored. Tool operators like balancers because not only does it allow their work area to be well organized and safe, but the balancers can help reduce fatigue as well.

At Flexible Assembly Systems, we feature an array of products with different weight capacities, cable lengths and styles. Tool balancers are also commonly referred to as tool retractors, spring balancers, and spring cables, and we have styles to accommodate small pneumatic tools for light duty operations, medium duty capacities, and even heavy-duty styles as well.

hen looking for a tool balancer, consider whether you want a locking style and whether you seek a floor controlled locking device. There are different designs to meet your needs. Our tool balancers are by Ingersoll Rand and AIMCO, both known for their quality and longevity. Depending on the type, features may include a 360 degree rotary hook, stainless steel wire cable that will not shed with wear, precision guided cable winding to prevent jamming, and anti-friction cable guide.

To help you make an informed choice about what model you prefer, we feature pictures and descriptions along with details. We also welcome your phone call as we are glad to help and answer any questions. We want you to be a satisfied customer! We also offer a wide range of products and testing and calibration of your tools. We also feature a Lowest Price Guarantee! See how we can help you be even more successful.

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