Torque Multiplier

Torque Multiplier

FAS Manual Torque Multiplier

Manual Torque Multiplier are engineered for accurate tightening and loosening of industrial bolts. They are hand operated, requiring no external power source. These torque multipliers are designed to be lightweight and portable. Typically, they have gearboxes that stops the tool from delivering torque when the desired torque is reached. They are effective in service/maintenance applications and for fieldwork jobs.

FAS Pneumatic Torque Multiplier

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier are designed for production lines and where large numbers of bolts are involved. They offer heavy duty, fast, precise tightening and loosening of industrial bolts that can be duplicated numerous times without sacrificing accuracy and safety. Torque is delivered through adjusting air pressure. They are ideal for manufacturing environments and assembly lines.

FAS Electronic Torque Multiplier

Electronic Torque Multipliers use microprocessors and control software to accurately deliver torque to threaded fasteners. Being able to monitor torque accuracy, they negate the risk of excessive or insufficient torque delivery. They are versatile and can be used in heavy duty assembly and maintenance applications.

FAS Cordless Torque Multiplier

Cordless Torque Multipliers are battery powered multipliers built for a variety of applications. Their built in controller and software ensures that repeatable, accurate delivery of torque is achieved everytime. Since they are free of wires or hoses, they are easy to use and comfortable. Desired toruque is achived through a gearbox with a controller, powered by a lithium battery.