Datalogic 959965000 | Grayscale Smart Camera, A30, 640 x 480, 60 fps, 1/3 in.

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Datalogic 959965000

Camera, IMPACT A30, Grayscale, 640 x 480, 60 FPS, 1/3” CCD

The A30 Series is a stand-alone, general purpose and cost effective Smart Camera that can be installed even in harsh industrial environments thanks to its IP67 rated housing. The A30 Series features a VGA (640x480) CCD imager, built-in discrete I/Os as well as Ethernet and Serial interfaces. Thanks to the ultimate programming flexibility offered by Impact software, the A30 Series represents the answer to every machine vision need.

  • Cost effective Smart Camera series
  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure
  • VGA (640x480) grey-scale imager
  • Built-in digital I/Os and Serial interface
  • Gbit Ethernet Port
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