Bits & Fastener Tools

We have a large selection of screwdriver bits and drill bits. If you need quality Torx, Robertson (square) and hex bits - look no further! If you need durable masonry or aircraft drill bits - look no further! Flexible Assembly Systems has the bits you need for the price you want!

Bit Holders
Bit holders are fastening accessories that allow driving bits with powers tools to be done easier and faster. Magnetic bit holders will keep the bit in place during the fastening process.
Extensions & Adapters
Bit extensions attach to drill and screwdriver bits. They extend the bits reach to allow for deeper holes to be drilled and fastening in deep holes. Adapters allow for fastening tools to be able to adapt their tool from one drive size to another.
Impact Sockets
Impact sockets were designed to prevent shattering due to overtorque. Impact sockets are made with chrome molybdenum steel, which will cause the socket to bend rather than shatter. If using an impact wrench, it's best to use impact sockets and not conventional chrome sockets.
Insert Bits
Compact and economical, insert bits are easier to change and store. When paired with a bit holder, insert bits can be efficient and reliable.
Nutsetters are fastener tools used as a power tool accessory. Nutsetters were designed to fasten and lock metal and self-tapping screws.
Power Bits
Often used with cordless tools, Power bits provide improved concentricity and easier clearance
Universal Wrenches
Ideal for plumbing, vehicle repair, machinery repair and other jobs. Universal wrenches feature an adjustable spanner with a self-locking system for nuts and bolts.

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Apex 1/4'' Frearson Insert Bits
Apex 1/4'' BNAE insert bits
Apex 1/4''-24 Slotted Screw Shank Drives
Apex 1/4''-24 Phillips Screw Shank Drives
Apex 1/4'' Phillips power drives
Apex 1/4'' Phillips insert bits
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Select up to 4 items to compare.