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Robotic Parts Feeding


Robotic parts feeding solutions from Flexible Assembly Systems are designed to accommodate for a large variation of parts. Whether your parts are large, medium, small, or asymmetrical; we have a robotic parts feeding solution to meet your needs. Feeder options range from vibratory bowl feeders, tabletop feeders, and accumulating conveyors. These feeders can be configured for 1 axis, 2 axis, or 3 axis movement. Options for robot tooling to pick the parts includes vacuum, servo and pneumatic grippers.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipment meets UL, NPFA, RIA safety standards
  • Advanced integrated safety devices
  • Ergonomic & intuitive operation
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • High speed with predicable throughput
  • Commonality of components provides sustainable reliability
  • Repeatability of process
  • Reduce or eliminate rejected parts
  • Continuously exceed customer expectations
  • Data archiving
  • MES Integration
  • Analytics

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