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Robotic Dispensing


Robotic Dispensing solutions from Flexible Assembly Systems can accommodate a large variety of RTV’s, 2 part epoxy, sealants, adhesives, and hot melt materials. Standard options for dispensing are designed to precisely control flow rate and temperature. The robotic systems are preprogrammed with automatic purge and tip cleaning is easy with quick disconnects. The selection of the robot and supply equipment ensure a continuous flow with no gaps or voids.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipment meets UL, NPFA, RIA safety standards
  • Advanced integrated safety devices
  • Ergonomic & intuitive operation
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • High speed with predicable throughput
  • Commonality of components provides sustainable reliability
  • Repeatability of process
  • Reduce or eliminate rejected parts
  • Continuously exceed customer expectations
  • Data archiving
  • MES Integration
  • Analytics

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