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Assembly Tools & Instrumentation

Our selection of assembly tools is unrivaled in the industry and we offer the best quality brands at the best prices. Choose from electric screwdrivers, torque wrenches, torque nutrunners, programmable tools, soldering stations, screw presenters and much more.

Industrial Tools & Supply

The toughest jobs call for the toughest tools! We have a large selection of durable, industrial-grade tools and equipment to withstand some of the most demanding jobs. Select from a range of industrial impacts, drills, pumps, automotive & construction equipment and more!

Automation Component Supply

We have combined the best selection, quality, and price for automation components in one location. Pick from the most advanced machine vision solutions in the world to the widest selection of sensors, safety laser scanners, laser markers, parts feeders, and industrial robots.

Robotic Engineered Solutions

We offer pre-engineered and customized engineered robotic solutions to meet any requirement. Our standardized robotic cells provide a quick turnaround and reduced cost for engineering, assembly, programming, installation, training, and maintenance

About Flexible Assembly Systems

Why Shop at Flexible? – We have the right solution for you. Our team of industry experts, engineers, and technicians are at your service to make sure your exact requirements are met. Flexible Assembly has the largest offering of torque controlled assembly tools. Our selection of torque screwdrivers, torque testers, cordless torque screwdrivers, and electric torque screwdrivers are unmatched in the industry. Looking for industrial impact wrenches, grinders, fluid pumps, air motors, grinders, and balancers? Make sure to check out our industrial products.

Choose from brands like Atlas Copco, AIMCO, ARO, Apex, AWS, Chicago Pneumatic, Datalogic, Datasensing, Delvo, Delta Regis, Ergonomic Tool Arms, FANUC Robotics, Flexible Vision, Flex Arm, Graco, Harrington, HIOS, Ingersoll Rand, JBC, Knight, Kolver, Makita, Mark-10, Norbar, Ohtake, PULS, Tohnichi, Wera, and more.

Short lead-times - Because we’re more organized and efficient than other suppliers, we are more nimble to get the product you need to your doorstep, when you need it.

Competitive Pricing - Because we know how to properly work with customers and suppliers, we are known throughout the industry as a low price leader. For more information, check out our Price Match Policy.

Quality well-made tools - The industrial-grade power tools that we sell are some of the most durable and reliable in the market. With over 200,000 items available for you to purchase online, we have one of the largest selections of tools to choose from.

Technical Product Information - Many of that tools that we carry will have detailed technical information, pertaining to the product and/or series that the tool belongs too. We strive to include this information to educate our customers; and to ensure you that the tool a customer is looking to purchase, the tool is capable to meet and exceed the application it is to be used on.

Equipment Repair & Service - We're able to repair any air tool and equipment under the manufacturer's warranty. Flexible Assembly Systems is a leader in the calibration and service of assembly and industrial tools. Whether or not you purchased your tool from us, we keep your tools maintained within proper manufacturing quality guidelines.

Don't settle for anyone else! – We have the most knowledgeable staff, lowest prices, biggest product selection, and fastest delivery times in the market.