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Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic is a global manufacturer of professional and industrial power tools, air compressors, generators, light towers, and hydraulic equipment.

Pneumatic/Air Torque Screwdrivers

Chicago Pneumatic provides a complete line of screwdrivers that are meticulously built to fulfill your productivity, accuracy, and durability requirements for the most demanding applications.

Impact Wrenches

CP Industrial impacts are the best in each class due to the employment of cutting-edge technologies and materials, such as composite housing or steel housing for the toughest materials. Our diverse collection includes clutches such as rocking dog, 2 jaw, pin, single dog, and twin dog clutches. The impact sizes range from 38" to 2 12" square drive.

Tool Balancers

High-quality balancers were created to take the weight of a tool off the operator's arm. They reduce stress and exhaustion while increasing productivity. They are suitable for using heavy tools and/or performing repetitive tasks.

Air Drills

Chicago Pneumatic drills are built to handle both harsh and smooth operations, with drilling capacities ranging from 6mm (1/4") to 50mm (2"), as well as varying speeds and power. Straight, angle, and pistol drills are available on the range.

Percussive Tools

Chicago Pneumatic hammers and scalers are built to last and can tackle the most demanding jobs. Their mix of power, compactness, and light weight accomplishes the task. A novel vibration dampening body improves operator comfort. Industrial chipping hammers, weld flux chippers, needle scalers, extended reach scalers, and rust & weld scalers are all available.

Air Motors

A vane air motor from Chicago Pneumatics is a comprehensive air motor system that combines different configuration setups. It is a compact and well-balanced design that is robust to harsh situations and has a high stalling resistance without overheating. You can find the ideal air motor for your needs by using our Air Motor Selector. It will save you time and reduce the possibility of errors. Take advantage of a quick and simple selection.


Chicago Pneumatic provides sturdy, resilient, lightweight, easy-to-handle tools for maximal material removal with less effort and a high-quality finish. The product line includes pencil grinders, as well as various die grinders and angle grinders (with sizes ranging from 50 mm [2"] to 230 mm [9"]). All of your grinding demands can be met by a single industrial range. Deburring, contouring, chamfering, fettling, and weld seam removal are all possible with this tool.


From heavy material removal to fine finishing, Chicago Pneumatic has a complete line of sanders to fit your finishing surface needs. Tools developed to make you more comfortable and productive. Random orbital sanders, rotary sanders, pistol sanders, and belt sanders are all available.

Cutting Tools

The product line includes saws, high-speed cutters, nibblers, and shears.


Chicago Pneumatic Industrial Tools Catalog


Chicago Pneumatic Air Motors Catalog

Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of rust- and oil-free air vane motors with a power range from 0 .16 kW (0 .21 Hp) to 1 .83 kW (2 .45 Hp) . A large number of motors are available with a threaded spindle (non reversible) or a keyed spindle (reversible) . Customer-specific solutions are also possible.

Chicago Pneumatic CP42 Series Rivet Hammers and Squeezers Brochure

The aerospace riveting solution from Chicago Pneumatic