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Robotic Soldering


Robotic Soldering solutions from Flexible Assembly Systems are available as 3 axis, 5 axis, or 6 axis stations. Standard options include a solder auto feeder, tip cleaner, tip changer, fume extraction, ESD static control, solder paste dispenser, and clean room rating. These desktop robotic solutions are easy to setup and deploy. Programming is simple and can be done from any tablet, smartphone, or PC. The robotic soldering stations are modular so the size of the station can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of any application. Dynamically control the temperature and amount of solder being applied will ensure a consistent and quality result. Eliminate downtime by adding a dual slide fixture for continuous production. The addition of machine vision to the station can be used for an added level of traceability and quality assurance.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipment meets UL, NPFA, RIA safety standards
  • Advanced integrated safety devices
  • Ergonomic & intuitive operation
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • High speed with predicable throughput
  • Commonality of components provides sustainable reliability
  • Repeatability of process
  • Reduce or eliminate rejected parts
  • Continuously exceed customer expectations
  • Data archiving
  • MES Integration
  • Analytics

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