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Ingersoll Rand

For over 100 years, industry professionals and international manufacturers have relied on Ingersoll Rand. During that time and now, people have relied on Ingersoll Rand for their quality craftmanship and performance to handle the toughest jobs imaginable.

Assembly Tools

Don't settle for anything less than Ingersoll Rand when it comes to innovating your assembly and production environments. Select from a wide range of high-quality, durable electric and pneumatic torque screwdrivers, wrenches, nutrunners, testers and programmable smart tools for Industry 4.0 applications.

Lifting & Material Handling

Ingersoll Rand prides themselves as being the quality choice no matter the application. For years Ingersoll Rand has provided lifting and pulling solutions for various uses all over the world. Select from a wide variety of material handling devices, from balancers, pullers and trolleys to manual, pneumatic and electric hoists.



Overhead Rail System Selection Guide

Overhead Rail System for Models ZRAT, ZRA1, ZRA2 & ZRS2/3. All rail and hangers must be installed in accordance with Ingersoll Rand instructions. ZRAT Rail is made of high strength aluminum alloy extrusion. All rail sections provided are saw cut square to required length by Ingersoll Rand. All rail joints should be flush when installation is completed.

EZ Series Floor-Supported Cranes Brochure

Ingersoll Rand's EZ Series represents fundamentally easy-to-install, easy-to-order Floor Supported Crane Systems. The EZ Series combines industry leading articulation and rolling resistance that continues to establish Ingersoll Rand as a market leader in high-quality, safe, and valued systems. Their certified steel structure offers simple and rapid installation options which combine the best of our bridge and rail crane technologies. When choosing a crane system, the EZ Series makes your choice painless.

Industrial Bolting Catalog

The name says it all. Productivity has come a long way since Ingersoll Rand introduced the first impact wrench in 1934. What has not changed is their reputation for world-class tools that set the industry standard for power, durability, and reliability. Every impact wrench bearing the Ingersoll Rand name reflects their commitment to delivering cutting-edge tool designs that work as hard as you do and provide maximum comfort, safety, efficiency, and serviceability.

Pneumatic Industrial Drills Catalog

Providing operators the right tool for the right job to improve working conditions and quality of production. Heavy duty double-row spindle leads to minimum spindle runout which contributes to more accurate holes & less damage to parts. Tease-type, full feather control throttle allows operators to start the bit at a slow speed, enabling the bit to center itself & prevent shifting.

Pulse Tool Systems Catalog

There’s much more to an assembly application than merely putting wrench to bolt. It’s an intricate matter of linking tool users and fasteners to deliver an uncompromised combination of ergonomics, speed, and accuracy. Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of standard shutoff and non-shutoff pulse tools in pistol, angle, and in-line configurations to meet your needs. These extremely lightweight tools offer excellent power, speed, accuracy, and ergonomics.

Industrial Lifting Equipment Catalog

Air chain hoists are the ideal choice when high speed, high duty-cycle, precision spotting, and the ability to operate in harsh environments are the determining factors. Ingersoll Rand Quantum QCH Series electric chain hoists bring outstanding control, reliability, long life, and safety to your load handling operations. Ingersoll Rand offers a wide variety of plain, geared, or powered trolleys for use with all Ingersoll Rand hoists.

Electric Screwdrivers Catalog

Low Voltage DC Electric Screwdrivers. Adjustable Shut off clutch for precision torque control. Electro-static discharge (ESD) models offer added protection for sensitive electronic assembly applications. Brushless models deliver increased durability and accuracy. Micro, Low & High Torque options available. Recommended for tightening small bolts and screws.

Ergonomic Handling Systems Catalog

Since 1959, Ingersoll Rand has been at the forefront of developing ergonomic solutions for lifting, manipulating, and transferring loads by offering a complete line of products designed to maximize productivity while simultaneously minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. No matter what your requirement, Ingersoll Rand offers the products for you to do your job effectively, efficiently, and above all, safely. By choosing Ingersoll Rand, you are receiving 50 years of innovation and product expertise that is unrivalled anywhere else.

Spare Parts