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Nitto Kohki

Through their delvo series, Nitto Kohki, a well-known producer of industrial equipment, offers a large selection of electric screwdrivers.

Electric Screwdrivers

Nitto Kohki's electric screwdriver "Delvo" is a high-quality professional tool that emphasizes accurate torque control and long-term reliability. "delvo" always gives you the opportunity to do everything right.


Nitto Kohki's has a range of controllers and power supplies for their delvo series. They are lightweight and are designed to be space-saving.

Spring Balancers

The spring balancers from Nitto Kohki increase workplace productivity and safety.


Nitto Kohki Delvo General Catalog

NITTO KOHKI’s Electric Screwdrivers “delvo” contribute to quality improvement of assembly work.

Nitto Kohki Brushless Delvo C Series Electric Screwdrivers Brochure

30 separate torque settings can be set on a single driver