Assembly Tools

Electric torque screwdrivers are commonly found in three different designs: pistol grip, angle and inline. They are mostly used for light assembly applications--such as electronic assembly and small parts assembly. Brushed, Brushless, ESD, soft stop, and clean room rated screwdrivers are available to meet the most assembly requirements.

Electric Torque Screwdriver
Electric Torque Screwdrivers are commonly found in three different designs: pistol grip, angle and inline. The electric screwdriver application is mostly used for light assembly applications--such as electronic assembly and small parts assembly. Traditional brushed electric motors and the more efficient brush-less motors are found in electric torque screwdrivers. ESD, soft stop, clean room, rated screwdrivers are available in order to meet the tightest assembly requirements. The torque range for an electric torque screwdriver typically is 0 to 132 In Lbs, with speeds in excess of 2000 RPM. Application: Electric torque screwdrivers are some of the most popular torque screwdrivers available. Electric Screwdrivers are found in light assembly and high volume manufacturing environments. Rather than manual torque screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers help increase productivity by providing the operator with faster means of assembly/ disassembly of the product.
Programmable Torque Tools
Programmable Torque Tools also referred to as DC Electric tools and Transducerized tools can provide a lot of value to improve quality of production, improved efficiency in manufacturing processes, increased data collection, and minimize rework and damaged parts caused by inaccurate torque. They allow users to track final torque, program multiple torque strategies, monitor angle, track fastener information, and log all fastening data. These torque controlled smart tool systems can be easily integrated into an internal network for MES data collection and are ideal for use in handheld or automated fastening applications.
Pneumatic/Air Screwdriver
Pneumatic Torque Screwdrivers are still widely used for assembly requiring higher levels of torque and faster cycle times. They are commonly found in automotive assembly, aerospace, electronic, and marine applications. Pneumatic screwdrivers require a pressurized air source that provides a constant supply to be effective. Torque ranges for this type of torque screwdriver are 0 to 110 In Lb and can reach speeds of 1000 RPM. Application: Pneumatic torque screwdrivers are some of the most reliable tools available. Pneumatic torque screwdrivers are ideal for assembly applications that require faster speed and high cycle rates. Compared to other torque screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers provide the largest variety of high torque models. Pneumatic screwdrivers are found in almost every manufacturing environment.
Pulse Tool
Pulse tools unite the speed of an impact wrench with the repeatability of a nutrunner. The pulse tool's design merges power and hydraulics. Pulse Tools offer a smooth controlled torque and incredible speed without any torque reaction.
Screw Presenter
Screw presenters makes the assembly process more efficient by presenting the screw to be picked up. Automate your assembly process with our selection of Screw Presenters
Torque Nutrunner
Nutrunners are a type of pneumatic torque wrench that are used when the tightening of nuts and bolts is critical. Nutrunners allow the user to measure the torque that is applied to the fastener; matching the torque required on application specifications.
Cordless Torque Drivers
Cordless Torque Screwdrivers are powered by 9v, 12v and the modern 14.4v Lithium Ion battery pack. These are great for odd jobs that require mobility and flexibility. Popular designs are pistol grip and angle style. Additional benefits include: Reduced hazards caused by air hoses laying across floors or hanging from the ceiling. Lighter weight with an ergonomic design for operator control. Lower vibration and noise for operator comfort. Application: Cordless torque screwdrivers are the most versatile. Not being restricted by a power cord or air hose allows the operator to access hard to reach areas and provides a safer work environment. Most models include LEDs on the front of the tool to provide added visibility to the operator during the assembly process. Cordless torque screwdrivers can be found in automotive, aerospace, electronic assembly, and general industry manufacturing environments.
Rivet Tool & Rivnut Tools
We carry a wide selection of Rivet Tools, from Rivet Guns to Rivet Busters. We carry the most durable rivet tools that get the job done.
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