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Used in tension and compression testing, our selection of force gauges and test stands perform push/pull, break and hold tests to determine how much force your product can endure

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    01How does a digital force gauge work and why is it valuable for testing applications?

    A digital force gauge measures force by utilizing strain gauge technology. When force is applied to the gauge, the strain gauge deforms, and this deformation is converted into an electrical signal. The digital display then presents the force value. This type of force measurement is vital for quality control, material testing, and product development across industries. It ensures accurate readings, contributing to reliable data collection and analysis.

    02What are the benefits of using a digital force gauge over analog alternatives?

    03In which industries are digital force gauges commonly employed?

    04What is the purpose of a force test stand and how does it enhance testing processes?

    05What are the key features of a motorized force test stand?

    06What advantages does a manual force test stand offer for testing applications?

    07How does a force test stand contribute to quality assurance and compliance efforts?

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