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AIMCO is a global manufacturer of fastening and bolting solutions for various industries. AIMCO has a comprehensive portfolio of products, providing custom solutions to its customers.

Power Tools

For all your fastening needs, AIMCO's power tools provide you with an almost limitless range of solutions. You will find more information on pulse tools, cordless tools, screwdrivers, nutcrackers, torque multipliers, general assembly & processing and pneumatic nuts.

Controlled Tools

AIMCO's has a wide selection of controlled fastening tools used for torque verification, data collection and high quality productivity enhancing solutions. Choose from AIMCO high-quality DC nutrunners, electric and pneumatic pulse tools, tool controllers and monitors.

Torque Measurement

In numerous assembly operations, it is important to properly measure the torque. During each of the three phases prior to, during and after assembly, AIMCO provides expertise and measurement equipment.


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