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UC Davis Partnership

Flexible Assembly Systems, in partnership with the University of California, Davis College of Engineering, provides ongoing engineering design projects for student experience. See below for example projects and associated resources:

Proposed Student Image Design

Scope of Work

A mechanical manipulator arm, utilizing electric power, was designed by UC Davis engineering students for a pick and place operation. The manipulator picked up the drum brake from a gravity roller conveyor, oriented, aligned and placed it on the axle for a worker to bolt in place. The design was intended to be used by a single operator with the total time of assembly to be approximately one and a half minutes. Ultimately, the aim of this manipulator arm was to improve ergonomics of the process, and increase productivity and safety in the assembly of the brake drums to the axle.

Student Participants

Participants included the following UC Davis engineering program Seniors/Alumni:

  • Chris Adams
  • Alex Bakos
  • Ryan Flavell
  • Leo Gomez
Please visit the UC Davis College of Engineering for additional information.