TSLOTS 650003 | 2 in. x 2 in. T-Slotted Extrusion

Technical Specifications
ColorClear Anodized
Dimensions2'' x 2''
Weight - lbs/ft1.511
Estimated Area - in21.285


TSLOTS 650003

2'' X 2'' T-Slotted Extrusion

Spring Lock Feature

TSLOTS Extrusions have a 2° taper that spring locks fasteners as they are tightened. Fasteners will not loosen, even under heavy vibration.

Aluminum Alloy

An aluminum extrusion alloy is a predetermined mixture of one or more elements together with aluminum to be heated and hydraulically pressed through an extrusion die. Some common elements alloyed with aluminum include copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium, silicon, iron, nicklel and zinc.

TSLOTS extrsions use the 6560 or equivelent alloy. In addition to aluminum, the major alloying elements for this alloy include "Mg .25 - .45%" and "Si .35 - .8%".


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide. The resulting finish makes a corrosion resistant extrusion. TSLOTS extrusions have an etch anodize finish that is .25 - .35 mil. thick and the anodize is a Type 2 Sulfuric.

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