ingersoll rand zaw065040 | 650 lb air balancer | 40 in. lift

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Ingersoll Rand ZAW065040

650 Lb Air Balancer, 40 In. Lift

Meeting the needs of today’s material handling applications requires an ergonomic lift assist that interacts with the operator. The Ingersoll Rand pneumatic balancer offers lifting solutions to meet these needs through float and built in safety features.


Balancer Advantage Precise, strain-free positioning – Float leaves both hands free to raise, lower, or shift the load with virtually no resistance. No more “hoist control” hit-and-miss spotting.


Simple adjustment – Clear access to air-flow calibration controls allows quick, easy adjustment of the float.


Low air consumption – Approximately 1/8 cfm required per cycle (50 times less than an air hoist), means very low energy costs.


Clean, oil-free operation – Pre-lubricated design – Eliminates air line lubrication and oil mist exhaust. It’s ideal for food processing and clean manufacturing environments.


Rugged reliability – for continuous duty with minimal maintenance, the Balance Air delivers cost effective performance.


Safety is Standard, Built-in overload protection – The load being lifted can never exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity for a given air pressure. Maximum capacity is rated at 100 psig and actual capacity is linearly proportional to actual pressure. For example, at 70 psig the unit can only lift up to 70% of its maximum capacity.


Minimal cable recoil due to loss of load – If the load is accidentally lost, a spring-loaded centrifugal brake (Z brake) automatically stops rapid upward cable travel

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