Mark-10 M2-200 | Force gauge | 200 lbF | 100 kgF | 1000 N

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Technical Specifications
capacity - lbF200
capacity - kgF100
capacity - N1000
Accuracy±0.5% of full scale


Mark-10 M2-200

Force gauge, 200 lbF / 100 kgF / 1000 N

Series 2 digital force gauges are designed for basic tension and compression force testing applications up to 500 lbF (2,500 N). Peak tension and compression readings are reliably captured via the gauges' ±0.5% accuracy and 500 Hz sampling rate. A backlit graphic LCD displays the current, peak tension, or peak compression reading.

The gauges are overload protected to 200% of capacity. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing allows for hand held use or fixture mounting, rugged enough for applications in both production and laboratory environments. Series 2 gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands and grips.

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