Atlas Copco 8431 0269 29 | LUM22 HRX2, Balanced Grip Pnuematic Screwdriver w/ Trigger Start, 10.6-17.7 in lb

8431 0269 29
Technical Specifications
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Atlas Copco 8431 0269 29

Lum22 Hrx2, Balanced Grip Pnuematic Screwdriver W/ Trigger Start, 10.6-17.7 In Lb

The LUM pistol grip range comes in several different configurations:

  • HR: Model with non-balanced grip can be used with high grip when feed force is needed or with low grip for minimal reaction force.
  • HRX: Model with balanced grip perfectly balanced for standard pistol grip applications.
  • HRF: Balanced grip with multiple air inlets for fl exible connection.
  • The LUM32 model has the highest force to weight ratio amongst the pneumatic screwdrivers. It is also a tool with low reaction force and fast shut-off because of the position of the clutch. RE reporting models are available, designated with suffi x –RE. Soft stop options are available, designated with the suffi xSS.
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