FANUC ARC Mate 0iB | 6 Axis, 3 kg Arc Welding Robot, 1437 mm reach

ARC Mate 0iB
Technical Specifications



6 Axis, 3 kg Arc Welding Robot, 1437 mm reach

The FANUC ARC Mate 0iB robot is an extremely lightweight and compact, low cost robot. The ARC Mate 0iB will work for a wide variety of arc welding applications, including smaller parts that are normally done with manual welding.

  • The lightweight and compact arm design of the ARC Mate oiB provides a highly reliable package that is opimized for arc welding applications that require delicate motion
  • The latest servo technology provides high-speed and accuracy of the robot motion and minimizes the interaction of the operator to increase the efficiency of the arc welding system
  • Digital Communication between the lastest Lincoln Arc Welding Power Supply and the ARC Mate 0iB provides superior control and performance, creating the highest quality weld.
  • Various welding waveforms such as thin metal spatter-less welding and highly-controlled pulse welding can be applied to almost any application for an optimized weld.
  • The R-30iB Mate Controller has the latest arc welding software available, including 4D Graphics for reasy programming and operation.
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